The mystery surrounding Kim Jong Un Death?

Kim Jong un with Trump

The Korean leader missed a high-profile public appearance earlier this month -- and then murky, unverified reports emerged about his health.

But on Sunday a key aide to the president of neighboring South Korea insisted Kim was "alive and well."

Whether Kim Jong Un is dead or not, the spoof meisters don’t care.

They drove a stake directly into his heart with enough snark and mean-spirited memes to make even the toughest despot cry — or die.

One Twitter user compared North Korea’s tendency for propaganda to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” They photoshopped the possibly-ailing dictator onto a photo of Richard and Larry holding up their dead boss insisting he’s alive, with the caption: “Actual photo released by North Korea showing Kim Jong Un is alive and well.”

“North Korea Reports Kim Jong Un Is ‘Most Alive Person In Universe'” blared a headline on the satirical website Babylon Bee, also mocking the regime.

"Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspcious movements have so far been detected."


“I’m hearing they used old documents,” Trump said when asked about Kim during the White House’s daily coronavirus press briefing. “I hear the report was an incorrect report. I hope it was an incorrect report.”

But Reuters reported Friday that China had dispatched a team that included medical experts to North Korea in the wake of the conflicting reports over Kim's health.


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