Call Of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020: How To Participate

Call Of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020

Stage 1: Open Online Qualifiers The first phase is divided into 4 open online qualifiers that will be held on each weekend between April 30 and May 24. In order to be eligible for the qualifier, players will need to be ranked Veteran or higher.  Those eligible can sign up for the tournament in-game and once it goes live, the first 10 ranked matches that players play will earn them tournament points. These points are based on individual wins and their current rank. Higher ranks result in more points for each win. Players who reach 80 points within the first 10 ranked matches in any weekend will qualify for the next stage.

  Stage 2 Stage 2 will require qualified players to form a team among themselves and continue to play online matches. Nothing much is known beyond this, but players have been asked to check back on the company’s official pages as the tournament progresses to learn more about rules, cash prizes, and how to watch.

Eligibility As mentioned earlier, players need to have attained the rank of Veteran or higher in order to complete. It should be noted that players also need to be at least 18 years of age in order to partake and reside in an eligible region. Further, it is noted that players need to compete on an “eligible handset,” with no external device or attachment that modifies the game’s controls. This means that Bluetooth controllers, wired controllers, as well as a mouse and keyboard, cannot be used without the express consent of the Administration. Further, players cannot compete with a desktop emulator. Those found guilty run the risk of being disqualified from participating in any future Call of Duty: Mobile Tournaments. Activision also notes that official riles will be posted at a later date. 

Rewards Those you register will get an in-game reward for simply registering for the tournament, and will continue to get more in-game rewards as they earn tournament points. Those who qualify for Stage 2 will earn additional in-game rewards. The company notes it will offer new in-game items as rewards each week. Hopefully, Activision will release more information about the tournament soon. In fact, Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to get a new map soon and it is not yet known if that map will be considered for the tournament. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to wait too long as the tournament is expected to start in one week. 


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